• Bidding will open and close at the designated dates & times. 
  • Bid live or set a maximum bid.
    • Bid live in set minimum increments.
    • Set a maximum bid and allow the Post Time Auction bidding system to bid for you (through the HiBid auction platform).
      • The HiBid auction system automatically bids up to your maximum bid but never more than is needed to secure the horse.
      • If two buyers enter the same maximum bid for a horse, the buyer who enters it first will be given preference.
      • Maximum bids will always be kept fully confidential.
    • If a bid is placed in the final 3 minutes of the auction, the bidding clock will reset to allow time for additional bids to be placed.

Successful bidders are responsible for the 13% Canadian ‘Harmonized Sales Tax’ (HST).

If the Purchaser is a Non-Resident of Canada and the horse is exported outside of Canada within 60 days of purchase the purchaser is entitled to apply for the Visitor’s Tax Rebate.

After The Sale

  • After placing a winning bid, you will receive an electronic invoice via email. From there, you can pay PayPay, etransfer, certified cheque or cash. Please contact a PTA representative to discuss other payment options.
  • Pay immediately. If your payment is not processed within 7 days the sale may be declared null and void.
  • After your payment is processed, you will receive a confirmation email and may organize with the seller to pick up your horse. Transportation costs are the responsibility of the buyer. You must pick up your horse within 7 days or you could be liable for boarding charges from the next day forward.